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Brentwood this Week March 19/18

Monday, March 19th – Report Cards published at 4pm

Tuesday, March 20th –Relay Practice/Parent Teacher Interviews 3:30 -7:30pm

Wednesday, March 21st – Parent Teacher Interviews 3:30 -7:30pm

Thursday, March 22nd – Grade 1 Fairy Tale Ball/Easter Chapel (Westboro)

Friday, March 23rd – No School

March 26 – 30th – Spring Break (No School)

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Parent Teacher Interviews

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Parent Survey

EIPS is conducting its annual Parent Survey March 5-22. The survey, which is a supplement to the Alberta Education’s Accountability Pillar survey, is a chance for all EIPS families to share their thoughts on the overall performance of the Division and their school, the quality of education being provided to students and areas for improvement. The feedback gathered will help the Division measure how its meeting the goals and priorities outlined in the EIPS 2015–2018 Three-Year Education Plan and develop strategies to better serve its students and the wider community. Please encourage your families to complete the survey, which takes only a few minutes. Schools will receive an article to post on their school websites in the next edition of the Weekly Wrap-Up. The survey will be posted on


Please visit the website to view/print a copy of the skating schedule. *If you want to know if your child is skating that day please contact the teacher directly via email @


Recently we have been experiencing some issues in our parking lot when it comes time for student pick-up and drop-off. I just wanted to make sure that everyone was clear of the rules for the signage that is currently in our parking lot.  The changes are for the safety of our students and thus a major priority in our school.

In the image there are three different locations that have identified.

GREEN ZONE – You are allowed to park and leave your vehicle here

YELLOW ZONE – This is a drop-off/pick up zone. You are allowed to stop here, but the driver must stay within their vehicle. There is a painted zone on the pavement that is meant for student to walk safely to and from the school

RED ZONE – There is no parking or stopping allowed in this zone. This zone is considered a fire route and if there were ever an emergency and vehicles were parked here if may hinder the efficiency of our First Responders

If you are in violation of these rules there is potential to be ticketed by a RCMP or By-Law officer. Please follow the rules to keep all of the students, staff, and visitors of Brentwood safe.

Thank you!


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