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Check our webpage frequently for new and exciting events and activities!  Articles are written by students...they are excited to inform you about all the great things happening at Brentwood!

Christmas Challenge

Written By: Addie Heinish, Frances McBride , and Karli Kutschinski

Have you ever thought about whooping the bottoms of your fellow teachers? Now’s your chance! The grade 4’s will get their shot to crush the teachers in an intense match of broomball on December 19th at 12:02. Don’t forget your helmet and mittens! 5th graders make sure you get off your tooshies and hustle over to our rink for a hustling, bustling, breathtaking match of milk-jug curling on December 20th. CSA approved helmets are mandatory. Last but definitely not least, is the big old grade 6’s! For them, it’s a game of Canada’s favourite game, hockey! If you would like to play, make sure you wear full hockey equipment! Come watch the grade 6s out score the teachers on December 21st!

Now for a few words from the grade 6 goalie, Brianna Mockerman. “How do you plan to beat the teachers?” we asked. Her answer in exact words was, “ I have a lot of experience playing in net and I’m just gonna play my own game.” Oh don’t worry the grade 5’s wanted to say something too! The question we asked the grade 5’s was, “Who is the teacher that you are most afraid of?” Ty Rayan says, “ Mr.V because he’s a lot better than me.” We wanted to know more so we  asked grade 4 student, Alaina Heinish if she was excited for her broomball match. She answered with “Yes! I am excited because we didn’t get to do this last year.” The last interview we did was with Mr.Vantour, grade 6 teacher, participating in all games. We asked him “What’s the sport that you’re most afraid to play and why?”  He replied with, “ I’m most afraid to play hockey. Mrs.Russell {AKA the Tripod} tends to hit people in the shins more than she hits the puck and Miss. Larsen talks so much that she forgets to skate.” That concludes this articles interview session, but don’t worry, there will surely be many more! Don’t forget to come join us at the rink on the week of the 18th. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Snack Attack

By Ava Winkel and Brianna Holowatiuk

Hello Bobcats! We are back with another taste test...Snack Attack!  It is a surprise which class gets it! Each month,  a new snack is prepared for a grade to try.  Crunchy pickles, fresh cheese and delicious meat were on the Bobcat menu and the grade ones were surprised with the Snack Attack! Yummy! We would like to thank Sobeys for donating the food, Mrs. Borle for organizing the snacks and especially to the GOALS classes for preparing and delivering the snacks. Another surprise next month...stay tuned!