Student Agendas

All children in Grade 1- 6 use agendas. These planners allow students to take ownership for their own learning by recording dates for homework assignments, quizzes and tests, as well as reminders of special class and school activities. Parents are encouraged to use the agendas as a tool for communication with the school.

Homework Policy

Completing homework helps students develop good habits for future studies. Homework should be completed during a regular, daily quiet time without interruptions. All materials that are needed should be organized and accessible.

Typical homework tasks may include the following:

  • Finish work not completed in class;
  • Study for tests;
  • Review spelling;
  • Organize notes;
  • Do home reading and practice math drills.

Parents should refer to the agenda book for daily assignments. If homework appears excessive for your child, please share this concern with the teacher.