Do you recognize any of these glasses that have sat in our Lost & Found for months?  Please contact school ASAP before we donate them.  Thanks everyone!



We have signed up for a recycling program through EIPS that enables us to collect recyclables and have them picked up!  A company has been contracted to pick up all our bottles and cans and we get the funds to spend!  At this time, we have signed up for pick up the first Thursday of the month. If you are interested in donating your recyclables to us, please drop the bottles and cans off in the office and we will take care of them.  All profits will go to the BESC to support school projects.


Ongoing communication with our families is important to us. Elk Island Public Schools uses SchoolConnects Synrevoice as one way of sharing information directly with our families by phone and email. Messages may include bus cancellations or delays, inclement weather, upcoming events, last-minute cancellations, parental engagement opportunities, emergency notices, and more.

In order to ensure that we continue to comply with federal anti-spam legislation, we require parents/guardians to either subscribe or unsubscribe for emails as of February 15, 2017.  Please note: if you unsubscribe, you will no longer receive routine emails from either your school or the Division that might include information about school-based events, fundraising activities, musical or theatre productions, school photos, graduations, dances, etc. 

Even if you unsubscribe, you will continue to receive emergency messages, information about the online posting of school fees and, where applicable, high school student attendance notifications.


Wee Read

Be a wee read volunteer!

We are looking for volunteers who can come to the school for about 30 minutes, once a week, for eight consecutive weeks to read with two children, talk about books, and play games that support literacy skills. This eight-week program was designed by Alberta Reads ( to help Kindergarten and Grade One children strengthen the foundations for reading and school success, and help children develop a love for books.

If you are interested in being part of this fun and meaningful opportunity, or know of someone who might be, there will be a volunteer training session held in Mrs. Tomkins’ kindergarten classroom Monday, April 10th  from 9:00 am-10:00 am. We hope that you will consider partnering with us on this. Please let Mrs. Tomkins know by Thursday, April 6th if you can come to the training session.

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